Raised so far:  $1,700,000  GOAL:  $2,100,000

Multi-Purpose Educational Building

Current Projects:

Join the Friends in their effort to create an even better experience at the Sheboygan Marsh.  The goal is to partner with Sheboygan County to construct an environmentally friendly multi-purpose building to house environmental education classes and activities run by the Camp Y-Koda Outdoor Skills & Education program.  Check out this video of Camp Y-Koda kids in action at the Marsh, and watch this video to learn why this project is so important to the Friends. 

Through a generous donation over 20 years ago, the Camp Y-Koda Outdoor Skills & Education program has been housed in an old semi-trailer.  Though it has served its purpose, through the great success and the continued growth, the program has outgrown the donated space it is currently housed in.  Plus, during inclement weather, the students do not have an appropriate shelter. 

The classroom space would serve dual purposes.  When not being used as a classroom, the room can be used for meetings, receptions, and other gatherings.  The atrium will house educational exhibits that detail the Marsh and its surrounds.  And, lastly, the campground restroom facilities (i.e. toilets and showers) will be housed in the multi-purpose building.  The current facilities are inadequate, a maintenance nightmare, and well past their prime.

Please contact the Friends for more information.  All donations are tax-deductible.  The goal is a 2019 construction start date.