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to promote the increased use and appreciation of the unique beauty of the Broughton Sheboygan County Broughton Marsh through education and recreation


Maintaining healthy, happy environments is important for recreation, business, and overall livability.  Learn how the Marsh benefits Sheboygan County.

The Friends of the Marsh formed in 2005 to help protect and promote the Marsh. The Friends set their sights, literally,skyward.  In 2006, soon after formally becoming an entity, the Friends started to raise money to construct the State of Wisconsin’s tallest wooden observation tower. The kickoff began by hoisting local media and interested citizens up 100’ in a fire truck bucket. Fundraising started by collecting spare change in buckets at local events. However, progress soon began in earnest when many large donations from local foundations and employers became a reality.

In 2008, the Friends applied for and were granted official non-profit status to help further the fundraising efforts, but soon after, the economic downturn of the time period took its toll on donations. Fortunately, the local construction company, Jos. Schmitt & Sons, found it in their heart to build the Tower with the promise of the Friends repaying them as they could.

With much fanfare, the Tower opened to the public Christmas Day 2009 and stands at an impressive 80’ above the surrounding landscape offering expansive views of the jewel that is the Broughton Sheboygan Marsh Park & Wildlife Area.







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A new multi-purpose educational facility.  Became reality in 2022!  Learn more and see how you can still support the effort!

Friends of the Sheboygan Marsh

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Raised so far:  $2,050,000  GOAL:  $2,100,000


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